TRV 700
TRV 700

When you need to go places, over places and through places – traction is paramount. And Arctic Cat ATVs give you plenty of it. Articulation keeps all four wheels in constant contact with the ground. Even over rocks, logs and other big stuff you may encounter. Four wheels on the ground means better traction and an overall better ride. Hit the on-the-fly 2WD/4WD switch when you need to get out of nasty places. When you’re in even nastier places, push the switch up again and that engages the front differential lock

Technical details
Dimensions (length / wheelbase / height / width): 2326 / 1493 / 1206 / 1247
Ground clearance: 279
Weight: 404
Fuel tank capacity: 20.1
Engine: SOHC
Cooling type: Liquid wtih fan
Engine capacity cmᶟ / Valves: 695 / 4
Cylinder diameter: 102 x 85
Stroke: 4
Transmission: CVT Automatic+reverse
Front suspension travel: 254
The rear suspension travel: 254
The front brake / The rear brake: Hydraulic Disc / Hydraulic Disc
Front wheel: 25/8/12
Rear wheel: 25/10/12